Our core range of designer laminate veneers can be seen below. Most of our laminate veneer sheets have a design on the reverse side that differs from the one on the face side. This means that in most cases you can be even more creative with the designs you make and the products that you develop.

Kimorra® laminate Veneers are sold by the panel or square metre; each individual sheet is 1200 x 2400 mm. The thickness of the material varies between 0.2 and 0.7mm generally dependant upon design.

Hover over each design to see the reverse.

1147 Paisley

1212 Gold Stripes

1212S Silver Stripes

1257B Golden Diamonds

1257D Silver Diamonds

1409 Satin Squares

1466 Silver Grey

1581B Coffee Beans

1665 Satin Interlink

3093 Gold & Silver Waves

3093L Hessian Wave

3093R Burgundy Wave

4078 Denim

6030 Feathers

6032 Black Gold

11352 Giraffe

DJ1213 Cream Swirls

GG20P Carbon

3093B Blue Waves


GA3156A Brown

GA3156A Copper Wine