We are an energetic team supporting the entry of Kimorra® into new and exciting markets. The team are eager to hear from customers that are interested in learning more about this unique veneer and how it can be utilised to give its best effects.  We want to be helpful!

We do have a standard range, often in stock, but we know from speaking to customers, you often want something different, bespoke or exclusive.  Talk to us, we can help!  We are also building up a portfolio of designers that have used Kimorra®, so we can help you find someone if you want something special making.

Kimorra® is a brand that was registered in 2016.  We want to define our product with a name that people would start to associate with they want to find a visual, often double sided, stunning and durable high end surface.  Kimorra® is a brand name registered to SageZander Ltd, a business formed in 2006, historically rooted in textiles and industrial products with ISO 9001 accreditation. We are based in the Cheshire market town of Congleton, where we have two locations.  We welcome visitors by appointment and are more than happy to visit you.

We are at the start of our journey and welcome the opportunity to share your ideas and creations on our website as we grow.