Kimorra® is highly versatile, it can easily be applied to MDF and other surfaces for manufacturing furniture, kitchen units, using in wall panels, etc.

Translucent Kimorra® styles can be used behind lighting or as light shades to give fabric effects but with a durable material.

Kimorra® can be used between glass or behind glass where it is more stable and will not stain or distort like a fabric.

We have numerous core designs ready and new styles always under development.

Our Kimorra® Veneers are sold by the panel or square metre; each individual sheet is 1200 x 2400 mm. The thickness of the material varies between 0.3 and 0.7 mm generally dependant upon the base fabric; for example the denim fabrics are around 0.5 mm thick.

We have specialist furniture and panel makers that have made the items shown below and we welcome enquiries from other furniture manufacturers that are interested in exploring this technology. We also welcome any interested retailers, shop fitters, interior designers and we can suggest suitable processing partners to help them. Please give us a call and we will be pleased to help.


Kimorra MDF

Through extensive work with numerous supliers we have found some excellent bonding solutions.

MDF is strong and dense it is perfect to provide strength to any situation exspecially when weight is not an issue.

Kimorra Lightweight Core

We are working on light weight core solutions and have some examples available.

Kimorra Metal

Our adhesive suppliers have offered us some good solutions bonding our fabric veneers to metals.

We can provide you with the panel and the contacts that can bond the material for you.  If you wish to collaborate then contact us.

Kimorra Laser Cut Glass

The glossy Kimorra® already has a depth to its surface appearance and the glass enhances this further.  The laminate process should enable Kimorra® to be used in glass floors, shower screens, panelling, table tops and many more uses to bring new life to the surface appearance.

Laser cut intricate design laminated between sheets of toughened glass (above)

Liquid Gloss Kimorra Chess Board

The world's first Kimorra® chessboard designed by Genesis Product Development.  The lacquering skills of Genesis combined with the depth of colour in Kimorra® make this a show-stopping piece.



Kimorra Cube

Traditional furniture-making techniques, composed from MDF.  This is a great way to show how well Kimorra® is bonded to give the excellent surface.  The cubes would make a fantastic addition to any home.




Jason Muteham Kimorra Radiator

This radiator cover has been created by our talented friend Jason Muteham using Kimorra® pattern 1147 Paisley.

Elegant in look and design, the radiator cover is designed to cover that unsightly radiator with a stunning centre-piece. This cover can be produced using any of our Kimorra® range to offer a variety of styles, perfect for any home.

Gresham Office Furniture Kimorra Table Top

Gresham Office Furniture has designed this stunning bespoke table using Kimorra® with pattern GA3156A wood look copper laminated between glass bringing life to the surface appearance.

Also featured in Clerkenwell Design Week 2017.

Boardcraft Kimorra Cabinet

This prototype cupboard has been manufactured using traditional furniture-making and veneering techniques bonding Kimorra® to an MDF base. Once the unit is complete the furniture manufacturer can enhance or dull down the finish using high gloss or matt lacquers.

Kimorra Polar Grey Doors

These kitchen doors have been refurbished by Karizma Kitchens using Kimorra®. The results are stunning and bring glitz and glam to a standard product, really setting it apart from the crowd.

Iberian Lighting Lampshade with Copper Kimorra

Iberian Lighting have designed this stunning bespoke lampshade using Kimorra® adding elegance and atmosphere to any interior space.




Bennington Metal Table with Kimorra Glass Top

Bennington Metal Furniture have created this stunning metal table using our Kimorra® laminated table top with pattern GA897 creating an elegant finish.





Kimorra®, our pioneering new veneer, is being put to use in some stunning ideas produced by some inspirational designers, architects and manufacturers. We have worked with all of the individuals below in order to develop some stunning results. Below are details about the designers, manufacturers and creatives that we have worked with on projects. There is information about each company and the products they produced. Please do get in touch with these wonderful companies and see if they can aid you process or production.  Are you a designer or manufacturer of furniture?  Do you fancy producing a piece for our website or experimenting with our material?  Then contact us

Boardcraft Giraffe Print


Furniture Designers & Manufacture


Express Bonding Laminate Board

Express Bonding

Laminate Panel Manufacture

Jason Muteham Paisley Kimorra

Jason Muteham

Furniture Designers & Makers

Jacob Interiors Paisley Kimorra

Jacob Interiors

Design & Manufacture of Bespoke Interiors

Antony Simon Cruiser Door

Antony Simon

French Polishers & Antique Restorers

Iberian Lighting Custom Kimorra Lampshade

Iberian Lighting

Bespoke & Oversize Lighting Solutions

Glass Top Table by Bennington Metal Furniture

Bennington Metal Furniture

Metal Furniture Manufacturers