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Kimorra®: a pioneering NEW material with endless possibilities


Kimorra® takes the form of a thin, hardwearing, flexible, decorative sheet which can then be used in place of a laminate or veneer. This veneering solution is pioneering in the fact that the veneer started life as a traditional woven textile. The only difference being that through our process we are able to cure the panel into a durable, versatile surface for multiple uses.  Our continued research and development has seen us move the product to new markets and customers in recent years.  Having worked hard to stabilise the product, our research and development is now focused on developing new material ranges.  We now have a wide range of colours and patterns.  We have the ability to create bespoke patterns and tailor-make patterns to suit specific customer's requirements.

It has always been a dream of ours to be able to offer customers exclusive bespoke patterns produced from their own designs, this is now a real possibility for our customers.

Not only do we have the ability to customise the textile to suit each individual customer's needs but we can also produce logos in the designs.  This is the ultimate in branding, now your hard surfaces can have a detailed logo in them but also your soft furnishing can too.  This is unique to Kimorra® and a solution like this process cannot be found elsewhere and cannot achieve the same beautiful results.

The visual appearance of Kimorra® simply cannot be beaten - imagine the detail and shimmer of a textile but in a more durable form.  Kimorra® achieves this in a way that no printed laminate can.  Don't believe us?  Request samples and see for yourself the unique beauty of Kimorra®, a unique veneering solution brought to you exclusively by Changing The Face of Composites. 

Benningtons Table with Kimorra Veneer Glass Top


Composites are used to build aircraft, cars, bridges and boats. Our material is a novel way to put colour, texture and depth onto the surfaces in the same manufacturing process


Carbon is lighter and stronger than glass so where weight needs to be the minimum this is the backing to use with our product


The composite qualities are enhanced with a UV stabiliser in the epoxy resin. Epoxy systems are tough and durable


Choose the fabric to suit the piece you want to make and the style you wish to achieve. Lacquered finishes mean that matt, gloss and other special finishes can make your item unique